A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Current Features:
As Of V1.4...

- Use the WASD keys to move
- 25 Unique Levels
- 2 Enemy Types (Red Squares and Orange Squares)
- 2 Boss Types (Big Red Squares and Big Orange Squares)
- 4 Boss "Fights"
- Health Bar
- Unique Singleplayer Experience
- 2 Powerup Types (Green Squares and Magenta Squares)

Coming Soon [Hopefully]:
- More Levels
- More Enemy Types
- More Boss Types
- More Powerups
- Multiplayer (Maybe)
- Bonus Levels (Maybe)

To play Avoid, you need to, well, know how to play. You can move around your white square with the WASD keys. If you click the ESC button, the game will close. There are two types of evil enemies, out to get you. They are the red squares, and the orange squares. The red squares are normal enemies, whereas the orange ones move faster. You may see magenta squares, they are speed power ups, but only last for 7.5 seconds. The green squares are health power ups, which heals 20% of your health, but it can't go past 100%, even if you get a power up. There are also large red squares, which do 5 times as much damage as normal enemies, and they will shoot small red squares out of them, then fly off the screen. They are very dangerous. Finally, there is the large orange square, which spawns in the middle of the screen, does 5 times as much damage as normal enemies, and shoot small squares in every direction.

More information

Published 331 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tags2D, Arcade

Install instructions

This game requires that you have Java 7 (or higher) installed.

Just download the game, run the file, and enjoy!
Note: Occasionally, it will just open a gray screen. If so, just close the game and reopen it. This glitch has appeared to be more common on Apple Computers.


Avoid-V1.4.jar (27 kB)


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by Dartanman · 1 post
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